Arsenal vs Newcastle (PL) 4-1

Arsenal vs Newcastle

:stadium: Emirates Stadium
:date: Saturday 2024-02-24T20:00:00Z
:soccer: Premier League
:tv: TNT Sport


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Newcastle win

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Missing this for a wedding

Think this is the first league game I won’t see this season

Hope we smash these :red_circle::red_circle:

We have a terrible record against them recently. Need to solve that!

Wonder if we’ll see rotation for this now, given we’ve played the same XI for consecutive games.

I want to see us erratically windmilling the shit out of these lot on the weekend.

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I think we’ll bounce back and win 2-0

I always watch on my laptop. Last night I watched on TV, and we fucked it up. I’ll be home alone this Saturday so I won’t have to share the TV, but I think I will be going back to my trusted laptop on which I saw us beat City and Liverpool this season, and score 21 in the league this year. Every little bit helps.

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Think we’ll win, not as comfortably as last 2 league games, but a win regardless…

A bit annoying that I feel like yesterday’s last min conceded goal suddenly puts a lot of pressure on this game. It’s perhaps more something that I’ve manufactured in my own mind, but a result like yesterday certainly adds to the anxiety factor leading into Saturday.

We’re playing at home so I don’t think we’ll lose. But now that our Dubai Boost is worn off, I’ll go for a draw.

Newcastle defence is terrible and we’re on a bit of a roll ourselves (bar Porto game). We win this comfortably imo. 3-1.

Need to bounce back.

We’ve shown immense resilience this season to get back in the title race.

We’re likely to be 5 behind Liverpool and 4 behind City when this kicks off. I know there’s loads of the season to go, but dropping points here means we have to hope 2 teams slip up.

We have to be better than Liverpool and City this season. Every game is absolutely massive.

Last minute goal yesterday has nothing to do with more pressure on this game.

We have pressure on this game because we’ll need to close the gap on Liverpool and City to 2 and 1 points respectively and that would still be the case if we won 0-3 in Porto.

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Exactly, pressure was already there. If anything, the boys will be motivated to make things right after that loss and may take their anger on Newcastle.


I mean, if we lose this we have taken a significant dent in 2 major trophies inside a week. Sounds dramatic I know but I’d like to see how your tone changes if that is the case come Saturday.

We took a major dent in the league when we lost back to back games to West Ham and Fulham between Christmas and New Years.

I’m under no illusions that you’ll need approx 90 points to win the title, so we have next to no margin for error now. We have extreme pressure every league game for that reason, we simply can’t afford to drop many points.

I’d say we can probably afford to drop points in about 2 more games for the season if we want to be champions, draw city at the Etihad and another draw somewhere on trips to United or Spurs, other than that we need to be perfect.

So yeah winning the league is very unlikely.

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Shit anti-football performance incoming from the barcodes

1-0 to the Arsenal

They can’t even do that nowadays, can they?

I suspect their shit results have been coming because they’ve been actively trying to win football games. They won’t be coming to the emirates playing the same way as they have been against Bournemouth, Luton and Forest.

it will be a very cagey game unless if we score goals in first half.