Arsenal Vs Milan (UEL Last 16 2nd Leg)

  • Arsenal win in 90 minutes
  • Arsenal win in extra time
  • Arsenal win on penalties
  • Milan win in 90 minutes
  • Milan win in extra time
  • Milan win on penalties

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Let’s do them again! Mkhi to score again :mkhi:

One game away from still being in Europe in April. :giroud3:


What’s the bet we make this difficult for ourselves ? Hopefully Milan is as poor as they were at the San Siro and we won’t have many troubles.
I’m going to predict a 1-1 draw but the game will have plenty of nervy moments.

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Milan will score first, but we’ll do the job in 90 minutes still.

Is next round the Quarter Finals? Sweet

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We should do the job at home. Can’t see even us fucking up a 2-0 advantage at home :rofl:

Milan 8/1 to qualify

Be rude not to


You’re throwing your money away, Arsenal wins this comfortably. It appears that we’re doing that Arsenal thing that Arsenal do around this time of year, every year.

Put your pound on at Cheltenham instead :sunglasses:

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Since 2010! 8 years! :cech:

Always betting against us, right? :xhaka:

We go 1-0 down early on, watch us shit ourselves.

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I guess you predicted us to lose the first leg as well.

I also predicted last weeks lotto numbers and now Im a multi millionaire


Hope your bet comes back to hunt you :wink:

Don’t trust this team one iota so I can easily see Milan pull it back

Milan will have to attack so that’s good for us. We can hit them on counter.

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Hope they play Kalinic :campbell:

I say that and I bet he scores lol.

Need to score to end it properly.

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Stop being a doom monger. We will do it :wink:

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Wish we had Auba for games like this! He’d have a field day.

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We need to play this match like it’s the 1st leg and it’s 0-0, if we come in with this 2-0 attitude I can see it being an embarrassing night for us.