Arsenal vs Manchester United (PL)

Don’t worry, I’ve got a ticket for the final so that’s the win in the bag :tada:

Fortunately for me, my uncle can’t go as he has a wedding that day, personally i’d have sacked off the wedding instead :smile:


People that book weddings on important days of the sporting calendar, they aren’t my type of people.


the u18s just beat them 3-0

A big win over Mourinho is long overdue

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Or even just a win.

GET IN! We are gonna win the F.A. Cup! :giroud:

Unless it’s his wedding surely the final takes precedence. Even if it is his wedding it’s still tickets to an FA Cup final and perhaps Wenger’s swan song so…

Im fairness the guy probably assumed we’d not be playing this late into may for good reason.

I don’t think Wenger has never beaten Mourinho in the league, and if we continue playing like we have done for most of this season, I don’t see that changing here.

Losing to spurs so comprehensively is bad enough, but losing to Man U in the next game is too much.

We have to win this just to have any remote chance of fourth place.

Please just do it, if only to wipe the grin off of Mourinho’s smug face.

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It’s not his wedding. I completely agree with you – I’d probably even miss my own wedding for it, though I wouldn’t be stupid enough to plan it on the same day as a cup final!

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Some random youngster will do a Rashford on us again lol


Haven’t they already got an injury crisis though? What is José gonna do, stick the kit man in at left back?!

For sure :hipster:

We don’t have a remote chance of 5th let alone 4th. We have a much better chance of finishing 7th.

If we beat Utd, City and Pool lose a game we could scrape it by goal difference. Not too much to ask for…:joy::rofl:


Do they really need to rest players to win the EL?

If they beat us they’re a point away from 3rd with 3 games to go ffs :expressionless:

If they win the Europa League though league position is irrelevant for them, plus they sill have to go to the lane and they will lose that game.

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Also, and it’s something the English media forgets, winning the EL actually wins you a trophy!


United are very solid defensively, how many goals have they conceded in the league this season ?

Looks like Rashford could be a doubt for this game. Time for another United youngster to make a name for himself against us. :stuck_out_tongue: