Arsenal vs Man Utd (PL) 3-2

Obviously your friend did not watch the game, he just checked the scoreline (3:2) and decided it was a close game.

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Love the benchcam again

My favorite moment: Arteta hugging Stuart


James Richardson is woefully underutilised on television. He’d be a great host for something like MOTD2, or a Soccer Saturday/Final Score type programme. He’s a warm, witty and intelligent presence on screen.

Is the Athletic pod behind a paywall? Used to listen to him on the Guardian pod on the regs a few years back.

Here is podcast

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Its the totally football show. The Athletic bought it a few years ago. Its on all your usual providers.

I’ve listened since the first episode in 2017 haha. Best football podcast out

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To be fair, it was a close game.
Closer to being thrashed 5-0 than the 3-2 scoreline suggests.

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That bald guy (not the host) is brilliant, explaining many important tactical details in a very simple, quick way. You just can see right away he knows what’s he talking about.

Yeah this is one of better clips, It is been posted here before

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“VAR takes all the emotion away”

Some great bits in here.


How beautiful not to see a phone in sight and just enjoying the moment :heart:

(Except for the guy recording lol)

So much energy and joy and then there were two mugs amongst that crowd :sweat_smile: