Arsenal vs Leicester City (Premier League)

Arsenal vs Leicester City
Wed 26th Apr 19.45
Emirates Stadium

Same formation, but I can see some changes after we played 120 minutes on Sunday. Welbeck starting, Bellerin possibly, Walcott, Coquelin. Hopefully we’ll see pretty much the same side though, we need to stick with the same line-up for a while.

Tough game, I think we’ll edge it, 2-1.


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Leicester win

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Going to say a 1-1 draw here as I think we will be slightly fatigued from Sunday and Leicester have been playing pretty well since they gave Claudio the Arse,

Leicester have gone back to basics. Play like we did on Sunday and they’ll do nothing.


2-1 Arsenal. :sunglasses:

Actually looking forward to watching us again lol


3-1 Arsenal.

We’re not going to lose another game all season. We’re going to do that famous FA Cup and top 4 double :sunglasses:


We’ll probably do a typical Arsenal and get overconfident and complacent after the City win, drop our game and let Leicester get something from the match.


Cup games are Cup games. Form goes out of the window. And our recent league form hasn’t been good and I don’t expect that to change too much.

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Be a bit leggy here. There tough to breakdown and will run a lot. Think we will be good going forward but a bit tired. Entertaining 2 2 but with good and bad elements.

It’s a good job we don’t have any more league games then. Aaron Ramsey said we have 7 cup finals, so we’ll be fine :sunglasses:

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Should be a professional boring win. Hope to see Welbeck from the start.

They played 120 minutes on Sunday and have the North London Derby coming up on Sunday so I’m kind of not expecting much from this match as there’ll be leginess from Sunday and they’ll have an eye on the next match. Draw I reckon.

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More about momentum than points in the league from now on. Play well and we should win anyway, but if it’s only a draw I won’t be all that fussed if we look defensively solid enough

There are only two games left this season, Tottenham away and Chelsea at Wembley


And United.


We did them twice last season, and they aren’t great this season, so I’m going for a fairly comfortable 2-0 for us.

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Keep the 3 at the back.

Thats the team i think hell put out not my personal choice…
Id stay 3 at back the more we play it the better we’ll get…

Need to get some sleep soon, get up at 430am and watch the first 70 mins before I head off to work. I’m still expecting our league form to remain shite despite the quality cup victory, but truth be told I don’t really mind should we manage to upset Chelsea at the end of May.

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C’mon Arsenal!

Another line up, but still with 3 at the back.