Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)

Sunday 25 October
Premier League Match 6
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 19:15
:tv: Sky Sports Box Office (PPV)
:radio: BBC Radio 5 Live

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Leicester win

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Are you getting the PPV?

Are you getting the PPV?
  • Yes
  • No

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How many chances will we create?

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Anybody who pays £15 for a single football match needs to be sectioned


I’m going old school and putting 5 live on


Praying we get the win as we certainly need it but I’ll go with 1-1 draw similar to late last season. Thinking Vardy will either score or win a penalty at some point.

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Seriously lol, illegal streaming is some of the most guilt-free thing you could do.


I think, what our fans need to do Phoebs, is unite with Leicester fans on this one. LCFC fans should be up for a boycott, too. They’ve been on PPV twice in as many weeks

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Specially one in our current guise

Trion why have you created a never ending poll :joy:

Think all the fanbase are uniting on it. Thing is though people will start buying it.
3 lads can’t go the pub is a fiver each and a visit to the off licence.
Cheap night all round. Cash is always king.

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Never ending?

Leicester fans have got their own campaign and charities they’re donating the money to

Leicester were the only team to vote no on this remember, so I’d imagine their fans will be strongly against it too.


Yes you need to scroll like fuck haha it’s got like 50 different lines now :joy::joy::joy:

Ah that happened to me as well.
If you move out of the thread and come back, it is sorted

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Getting a sky day pass for the NRL Grand final. Bonus this is on as well.
No weekend work this week. Looking forward to it.

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Banish him!

That’s way different than a PPV thing Surely. Paupers pass.

Box Office events aren’t included in any of the Sky Sports Passes, and need to be bought separately.

Sorry mate

Oh well. 5 live, OA, and motd.