Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)

Tuesday 07 July
Premier League Match 34
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 20:15


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Leicester win

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Easy win.

Come at me @JakeyBoy


I’ll go for a 1-1 draw as 4 wins on the bounce in the league including 2 against opposition above us seems to good to be true for Arsenal.

Vardy hattrick, 3-0

Still expecting the reality check to come very soon.


Another post demonstrating that this board needs a dislike button

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you can like it if you want and I will know it was supposed to be a dislike

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You’re fine…

Vardy and Harry Kane tilt me to no end. :gabriel:

both world class finishers though

World class is a bit too strong. Very good, yes, world class, no.

I would say so, both have been doing it for a few solid years now

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Yeah, I’d say Vardy and Kane are very, very good at what they do. Vardy has an uncanny knack of finishing when he’s in on goal, dispatching a chance with aplomb. It’s still an amazing story that he’s managed to do this from non-league to now knocking in goals for fun against Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United. Kane is perhaps the best penalty taker I’ve seen in PL history, overtaking van Horseface.

I suppose arguments that boost them up are always going to be tempered on an Arsenal forum, given that one rejected us and the other plays for Spurs.

Having said that, like @jmb27 I’m going to stop short at world class. While I’d take both here over Aubameyang (just) I don’t think either would be able to get into any team in the world

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Aubameyang madness. Vardy cries as he’s not only lost the game but the golden boot.


Wolves was meant to be our first reality check, we dealt with that quite well.

We are at home against (imo) an overrated Leicester team. Yes they are dangerous with their quick forwards and shots from range, but I believe we will come prepared, and another committed performance could get us over the line.

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And I’m not sure about the 1

Leicester are looking dodgy right now and their form at our place isn’t the best.

If we play like we have over the last few games I think we beat them 2-1.

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Leicester are truly awful right now. Palace gifted them each of their goals


Should be quite a comfortable win actually. The Rodgers and Leicester hype train is finally coming to an end.

I watched their game against Crystal Palace and Leicester weren’t that convincing and the scoreline flattered them.

Until he scored, Vardy had missed at least three good chances and Leicester weren’t much better than the opposition.
Like @Calum said, they were gifted their goals, especially the second where the defender slipped and Barnes passed to Vardy who scored a tap in.

If we play like we did against Wolves we should get something from this game.
I just hope Leicester and Vardy haven’t been given too much of a boost after their 3-0 win and him scoring two goals.

2-0 Arsenal. Great moment to play them. Reality check will obviously come but just not sure it’s happening in this game.

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