Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)

So we kick off the season with our first Friday league match in 13 or so years. Got to get off to a winning start as we always struggle on the first day.

I say 2-0 Arsenal. Hopefully Lacazette gets a goal on his competitive debut.

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Leicester City win

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Need Ozil back for this one, as Laca needs someone to provide him some balls.

Just get the bloody 3 points


No Ozil or Ramsey or Kosc, instaloss

3-0 Arsenal.

Mahrez to score an own goal to show his desire to join Arsenal.


So what’s the news regarding Kos ? Ozil ? Sanchez ? Ramsey ? regarding this match.

Kos out, Ozil and Ramsey in doubt, Sanchez not ready.

Fuck its frustrating we always seem to start every season with 4 or 5 of our best 11 missing.

Build up will all be about us but can see Leciester being up for this and giving us plenty of problems. Going for a 2 2 draw in a frustrating but decent match.

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Our opening day home record is shambolic, lets just pray we get the 3 points.

It’s going to be a frustrating game, that’s all I know.

I thought Ramsey and Ozil were a minor one :wenger2:

Important to get a good start this time around, playing catch up from the off is nobody’s idea of fun. It’ll be a tough game but eminently winnable. I fancy Lacazette to get his first competitive goal in this one I think.


Not really been scoring much in pre-season though has he? I’m worried it’ll take longer than we can afford to bed him in, I won’t be surprised if Giroud starts a lot of matches early in the season.

No, but you can see the talent is there, there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll score plenty especially with Ozil laying on the chances.

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Yeah Lacazette hasn’t played in a full strength 11 yet, I’d imagine he’ll have more fun with Sanchez and Özil on the pitch.

I think we’ll beat Leicester. They couldn’t beat us when they were flying high so I don’t see why that will change now. Pre-season has been encouraging so hopefully we can push on and get off to a good start.

Either that, or Mahrez will score the winner and then we’ll sign him. :laughing:

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Think we’ll win comfortably. 2/3-0.

I want to change my prediction :sob::sob::sob:

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That evil goblin face of his makes me sick.