Arsenal vs Huddersfield Town (PL)


So close.

Still waiting for my apology…


@AbouCuellar and your prediction. Eat a rotten chorizo now! :mustafi:


Dayum not of big fan of either of their opinions but Jade definitely made Esteban her bitch tonight :joy:


Finally we really turn the screw on a side and win big at home. Some brilliant goals went in today.

Only negative is Lacazette is out for United :confused:


Is that a negative? The match will be 0-0. We don’t need him for that.


Good result - hope Laca’s injury isn’t too serious, but tbf we scored 4 goals after he went out… I didn’t get to watch the game but caught highlights - any other noteworthy performances (good or bad)?


Had to leave at half time for work, seems I drew the short straw. Beat United on Saturday evening and we are in the mix with anyone not named Manchester City, shame about the Laca thing.


Welbeck always scores against Manure, tbh :poldi:


I thought we would win by a few but not that many, and good to see Ozil performing well.
We have one of the best home records in the PL this season, and they have the worst, so it was expected.
Shame about Lacazette, but we have three wins in a row and plenty of confidence going into the game I always want to win the most, against Man U.
Just wipe the smile off Mourinho’s smug face and win by a couple of goals.


Until we scored the 2nd it was quite even and it was a moment of class from Ramsey (who you wanted to sit) that had made the difference. Huddersfield had had more clear cut chances, and we were quite lucky to have not been called for a penalty on Mustafi. Game could’ve gone either way, this is one of those that went ours, and Huddersfield collapsed at the end.

Ay, woman and their innate, catholic-god-like desire to be apologised to… :roll_eyes:


I’m a good catholic girl :angel:




Big teams score at every chance they have unlike the likes of Huddersfield and Stoke :wink:


Still too many balls given away in that game for my liking. And Xhaka needs some shooting practice.


Xhaka needs to be upgraded… if Ramsey can build on current form and continue to improve, we still need a much better DM/DLP… I haven’t really been a fan of Xhaka since he joined and I started watching him, but worse I have seen little reason to believe he has in him what he needs to play at a top level consistently… I would get an upgrade and get rid of Coq, Xhaka, let poor Santi retire, and use the money to buy top player and young understudy… maybe keep Jack around for utility as well - at some point it does become a numbers issue and I can’t really see us losing Coq, Xhak, Jack, and Santi in the same year. My guess is that we lose Jack and Santi and stay with Xhak and Coq to pair with Ramsey, which is really sad.