Arsenal Vs Huddersfield (PL)

  • Arsenal win
  • Huddersfield win
  • Draw

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After the dramas of the last two matches, I hope the Herbert Chapman derby is a boring, quiet affair :sweat_smile: 2-0 win to the Arsenal.

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Might actually get a clean sheet in this one. Huddersfield aren’t exactly known for their goal scoring prowess. They’ve scored the fewest in the league. And Mounie is suspended. Though i haven’t watched enough of Huddersfield to know how much of a loss to them that is.

7-0 Arsenal.


We’ll be breaking into the top-4 again, as Chelsea is playing against City, and they don’t look like they stand a chance at the moment (although I wouldn’t mind them breaking City’s unbeaten run).

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This is the only place Man City will lose it. If they avoid defeat here, they’ll avoid defeat all season

They won’t

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Calum, I love your optimism. You’ve been saying they’ll get beaten at least once this season. I just can’t see where :pensive:

They won’t lose at the Etihad, that’s for sure

Palace were a penalty away from ending it before Liverpool did a few weeks later last season.

Someone will

Leciester or some cunts like that will beat them somewhere along the line.

Let’s make sure we get the job done in this one. These fixtures are normally our bread and butter, let’s not fuck up the good work we’ve done obtaining 4 points from the Spurs and United fixtures. 3-1 Arsenal.


This comes at a good time for us after 4 well earned points in a tough week, and as Chelsea play City hopefully we can move back into the top 4.

I’d love to smack them 5-0 like we did last season, cause they aren’t exactly world beaters…

Nah, we’ll smash them at the Etihad, easy 3-0 to the Arse. By then, we’ll have a new winger and some defensive reinforcements.


I’ve got my brothers bucks party starting 12 hours before kick off, not sure if I still be awake when this one starts or if so what sort of state I’ll be in.

After 2 tough games it would be ideal to throw in a quality first half performance and put this lot to bed before half time

Yeah it’s just a numbers game. They can lose all sorts of ways. Odds in each game are low, but we have so many games remaining, including the most congested periods of the season. They will lose, probably 2-4 times.

A first clean sheet for Leno, hopefully.

Also start Auba, Laca and Mkhy. With all three of them scoring.

When the CL really heats up momentum will stutter in the league and by that point they will be probably be able to afford some dropped points.

Liverpool won’t sustain this run playing as they are, they need to play better from midfield to attack.

We will win today have Auba as my captain on FF so I want a hatrick from him haha.

This game last season: