Arsenal vs Fulham (PL) 2-1

Arsenal vs Fulham

Saturday 2022-08-27T16:30:00Z
Emirates Stadium
Premier League


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Fulham win

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6 whole days for the next match :cry:
I thought this was a congested season


Same. All lies.

We play 3 matches within 8 days starting from Fulham.
Then Europa League will start too so it’d be double Arsenal every week.


Going to miss this game as I’ll be in a field in Leicestershire.

I’ll be watching the whole match back on the Monday night though and will salivate at all 7 of the goals we’re going to score :drooling_face:

Did they announce the groups?

I think play-offs are still underway.

The draw is on Friday

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I think is the game where Mitrovic finally proves he’s got the goalscoring beans for the premier league.

7-1 Arsenal.


Leno masterclass incoming?

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Hard to pick anything but 3 points against all this competition so far, but Fulham are probably trickier than B’mouth, who basically played into our hands and it was over after 4-5 minutes.

Reckon 3-1 with Mitrovic spoiling our clean sheet.

6-0 to Arsenal

Leno gonna pull a 10/10 performance here :joy::joy:

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4-1…lets go

We didn’t beat these at home in the Invincibles season.

I think we can go one better :slight_smile:

and still lose by a 4 goal margin :pepe2:


Hello Jürgen


Arsenal 3-0

Country music festival?

You know what’s coming.
Leno will have a worldy .