Arsenal Vs FC Köln (Europa League)


Is that a beard I can see?? :thinking:


I’ll be surprised if this game goes ahead.


We’re going to get fined for this aren’t we? Failing to control crowds and causing a delayed kick off. That’s next season’s transfer budget gone then :poldi:


What other game has riot police and dogs?!


All of them, I’d imagine.


Bite them in the balls.


Why? Cologne should be banned, not us.


hope those fuckers dont hurt the dogs and horses


Replace Walcott with the dog.


If this gets cancelled, Luca should have free reign to go all in on ze Germans. :laca:


But it’s our stadium. It’s our job to provide security.


I just don’t like them. I can do nothing about it :neutral_face:


Ok, fine for us, ban for them :poldi:


I’d say 20,000 ticketless Cologne fans travelling is a little outside our control :smiley:


Any more news


Still in the balance as to whether it goes ahead, I reckon


They’re not all ticketless though. Most of them bought tickets in the home end. They’ve taken over the Emirates.


ffs :joy:


Why are they smashing down turnstiles then??


It’s our stadium! Clowns! Arrest all of them!