Arsenal Vs FC Köln (Europa League)


Was it this that started things kicking off?


Mm just the images and videos I’ve seen I’d he’d be my bets that this one will probably end up being cancelled.

Hope not as it gives me something to watch when I get home :grin:


They should give a fuck about who’s going to the stadium though and if they know that the home crowd isn’t going to sell out then I don’t see why they couldn’t allocate more to the away fans to (partly) avoid a situation like this.


Evidently there are both of those sets.
‘Plenty of ticketless fans trying to barge in’ and ‘fans with ticket in home section trying to squeeze into the away section.’


Yeah, we’re not playing tonight. Damnit.


Well obviously some are ticketless. But there are a lot more Cologne fans with tickets than their 3,000 allocation. They’re dotted all around the Emirates.



I suppose if we didn’t have such pissweak support and had fans that actually attended games we wouldn’t have this problem :joy:


This won’t go ahead will it? Ffs

If you buy a red membership you should have to wait to 2 or 3 games before you can purchase tickets tbh


God this is so embarrassing.

Wish we had some hard fans left that could afford to be there to fucking chase these cunts off.


Cologne almost destroyed their stadium when they go relegated in 2012. They are used to behave like clowns.




How did they got hold of tickets at home end?
Arsenal fans sold them?


It’s going to take an hour, or more, just to remove all those Cologne fans.


By buying memberships

Funny if true


I doubt they’ll do that. There’s always loads of away fans openly in the home end at European games. This is on another level, granted.


:rofl: you crack me up.



This would be the reason, we have about 10k empty seats at every home game so not hard to see how the Germans got them.


I just hate germans :hipster: