Arsenal vs FC Bayern Munich (UCL 1st K/O Round 2nd Leg)


So here we go again. Attempt 7 to get past the 1st KO round and we have a familar foe in Bayern Munich. The last time we played here we lost 5-1 lets hope we do a bit better if we want to go back to London with the tie alive.

                          WEDNESDAY 15 FEBRUARY 2017
                                  ALLIANZ ARENA
                                    19:45 KO
                                LIVE ON BT SPORT
  • Bayern Win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal Win

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When is this game?


Nice bit of recycling there Calum :wink:

About time we got some chatter going on the big game! I know there’s every chance we could fuck this up yet again, but come on Arsenal, at the very least, come away from Munich with still a chance to do something in the return leg.

Far too long we’ve fucked up the 2nd round and all stemming from woeful first legs. We must come away with at least an away goal. A score draw would be very dandy. 0-0 wouldn’t really be the best for us.

No idea what Wenger will do regards to lineups, but Welbeck has to feature in this. Heavily underused right now, could be the little bit of spice we need.

We’ve been a mess of late, but no time to dwell on that, it’s time for everyone to step up and produce their A game.

Let’s do this!


can you not read mate? :wink:

My team:



                                OXLADE XHAKA

                            WELBECK ALEXIS LUCAS


I am here in Munchen Herr Cristo and I can confirm it will occur on the eventide of this Wednesday :+1:


Argh I think it’ll be a 2-1 defeat but hopefully we’ll nick one late and play a nice 2-2.


I think we’ll lose this one.

We just need to take a competitive score back to the Emirates with us. Get the away goal and remain competitive.


6-0 Bayern or 4-4 Arsenal.


Think we might compete honestly for an hour but don’t see us having the tactical nous or discipline to get a good enough result.
We get caught in the headlights in these big games. 2 0 for Bayern for me.


If you wanna get anything out of this game the scourge of Bayern, OG12, has to start. (Not srs)

The key to winning this match up is the tactical instruction (AW) and commitment to the execution (players). Set up to counter attack, Solid defensive shape, aggressive pressing in certain areas. We’ve beaten them before like this and we can do it against.

Iwobi, Theo out. Welbz and Lucas in. Elneny x Xhaka midfield two


Won’t even be a close contest the way we’ve been playing. Hopefully we can knick something though.


I think this is the perfect game for Welbeck and Perez to start. Although I’m not convinced about Perez defensive contribution but think he should be disciplined enough.


I’m praying for the 4-3-3 without Özil with Welbeck on the left and Alexis as upfront.

We need to lock the defense (Koscielny needs to react after his recent failures) and to counterattack with rapid transictions from defense to attack.


Embarrassing. Have you joined the troll faction?:open_mouth:

                Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
                         Coquelin Chambo
                      Walcott Oezil Iwobi

Our manager is Arsene Wenger. I expect the usual.


CoqNeny incoming


Going for a Munich win by 3-1 with arsenal to give their best performance off the season in the 2nd leg only for us to lose 4-3 over the 2 legs.


I was actually going to say the same. Expect Arsene to be extra cautious away from home against Bayern. Although I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oxlade start at CM considering he’s played so well there and he has a habit of showing up against top opposition.



I don’t want Coquelin in the 18 let alone the 11, just what I think Wenger will select.

Yes, I wouldn’t mind seeing a midfield 3 of Xhaka, Elneny and Chamberlain as a few have suggested. No Walcott too for the love of god.


Now I’ll ask nicely. Please get something out of this game, boys. There, that should do it.:cold_sweat: