Arsenal Vs Doncaster Rovers (Carabao Cup 3rd Round)


So how the hell did the mighty Liverpool of 2005 manage to win the CL then ? The likes of Djimi Traore, Steve Finnan, John Arne Risse & Milan Baros just have so much talent they could cope with the demands ? :joy:


Could only happen with PL team agreement. 14 out of 20 would have to vote for it. Never gonna happen.


Agree with you. Just trying to highlight a bit of the hypocrisy of tiredness moans by clubs when its basically all about money really at both ends of the table.
The prem money and top 4 gimmick as changed the landscape of the game forever really.


I dont see why we need two domestic cup competitions if I’m honest. Especially when this one if so undervalued and the FA Cup increasingly losing its significance.

Honestly is should just be scrapped, it the top teams don’t really care about it then surely that’s enough for it to lose it’s significance. Football has changed and the money simply isn’t in this competition.


I’m not sure what Liverpool winning the tournament does to support your argument.

It’s like saying Leicester won the league therefore you don’t need money to compete.

This is such a dead conversation, do your research.


English teams use to be consistent regulars in the latter stages CL in the mid 00’ onwards for about a solid 10 year period. The winter break thing is overblown imo


Great, players still say it’s a problem.


In terms of technical expertise about fitness and long term conditioning the players actually know very little. Their perception is based on emotion and environment if anything, it’s different for every player imo

Whenever foreign based players go to their national team for tournaments you never hear complaints about their condition from managers or medical staff nor is their level of performance different to the other players in their squad not based in England


There’s no point in just introducing a winter break. The fixtures that would have been played then just have to go somewhere else then. The number of games needs to be reduced somehow if a winter break is to ever be feasible.


Going down a dangerous route though if just give big clubs their perspective on competitons. That game abroad just round the corner on that argument imo.


How are you in a position to determine what a player does or does not know about their own body?


I’m sure you’ll understand why I thought it was, but fair enough :+1:


It’s common sense really. You wouldn’t expect the average footballer to know their body better than a medical professional whose undergone years of theoretical and practical training.

it’s like a random person telling a GP he understands his body better than him


Technically they do. I mean sure, the physics will have had the training etc. But only the person themselves can know how their body is.


IS it not possible that during the period English teams were successful in Europe that the negative affect of not having a winter break wasn’t enough to make the other europian teams good enough to beat the English teams?

Is it not possible that with a winter break the English teams would have been even more successful during the period when English teams were there best?


No doubt it’s a rather hollow argument, but unfortunately it’s the way football has gone. The league cup has the unfortunate mix of lack of prestige and winnings.

I guess it may change the minds of Jose and Pep if they meet each other in the semi finals, but the early rounds are just so boring. It may give the FA Cup a bit of a boost if that was the only domestic cup competition


Wow lol. I’m going to let you have a think about this :slight_smile:

false information and bad analogy.


I’ve done my research and found when English sides had periods of success in the Champions League there was still no winter break and the League cup still existed.


That isn’t research. That’s top line with zero analysis.


Ditto this for the Wilshire thread.