Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace (Premier League) 4-1

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Yeah I’ll take the credit for highlighting this and him addressing it in training.
Respect for the lad. Feel a bit humbled though on your acknowledgement :wink:

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8 points clear
MOTM Rob Holding


Surely you saw the real Rob Holding today?


I wasn’t able to watch today, so unfortunately I didn’t.

I’m not sure if his performance at home against an allergic-to-goals Palace side would have been the thing to change my mind.

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Did what we needed to do, very efficient in front of goals.


Was just thinking, if you had woken up from a coma on Sunday midday and watched our game against Palace, you never would have thought we played 120 minutes on Thursday.


I think people under play the fitness of modern day players.
Arteta plays a mostly steady line up each week.
Ten Hag has done the same at United and both going into the last part of the season involved in trophy games.
Liverpool did last season. There drop off this season is more mental than physical for me. Sports science has advanced the game where the players are simply better athletes.
Can see the same in all sports.


He did that last season though and it kinda bit us in the ass towards the end.

Arsenal 79/80 being the exception and Brian Talbot fitter than Superman

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Got to the very last game of the season. Injuries to a couple of key players didn’t help.
As much as anything though I think it was inexperienced players put in an expected situation that just couldn’t rise too the challenge in reality.

A lot of players that went before stand comparison to modern day players on fitness and would simply excel under modern methods.


Talbot was a great midfielder and got a few goals as well.
I haven’t seen a player fitter than him at Highbury and he hardly missed any games.

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Lovely touch :clap:


You can’t have your cake and eat it @Stroller! You can’t say on the one hand it was inexperience and on the other squad depth and injuries!

We still have a small squad and had a few injuries but learned from the inexperience. So yeah I can have my cake and you can take crumbs for comfort.

He definitely can. He’s a runner. That’s why runners run. You think any of us like our nipples bleeding? No, but we like dessert.

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When it comes to Arsenal and Arteta, I’ve been one of the most positive fans on this forum, and have defended him through thick and thin when the majority of you were calling for him to be sacked. So if anyone is having their :cake: and eating it…it’s me!

Ahhhhh, we didnt know what this was
Been seeing it for a few weeks now, I didnt have a clue what it was and me and my son were doing it laughing!

I like that alot, very good from the club

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Who the fuck could have a problem with that?!