Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace (PL)

I think he’s only rested Tierney as one of his very best player due to fear of making a niggle into a big injury.

Think AMN a satisfactory back up even if not as good.

Delighted to see Saka and ESR again.

I couldn’t care less about the pensioner, but Pepe needs to question himself here more than anyone else.

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Tierney is a massive loss but it’s the smart decision to rest him with muscle tightness given his work load lately, last thing we need is to lose him for 6 weeks.

Very surprised that Gabriel isn’t starting, I know he had a couple of weeks off with COVID, but find it strange that relegated him to the bench.

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Pepe’s not getting back in this team, have we still got his receipt?

Says some fat fuck on Twitter

He used to be our fat fuck.


AMN, time to step up with a performance my g

I thought I recognised his @

Hahaha I do miss GFP

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A bet you half the members on here don’t know that haha

It was a sad ban that one. Not like Hillier’s when it inevitably happens.

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What happened to him? GFP that is

Just when I put KT in my FPL team :sob:

But I would rather he is rested here and miss a game then to play through pain and miss several.

He is a huge part of our forward play so the other guys will have to be on it, and I trust that they will be.

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He does a podcast the last few years. A Bergkamp Wonderland. I used to listen but now do not.

What happened for him to get a ban :joy:

I don’t think he got banned. If I remember right he left cos he didn’t like some other ban that happened.


The treat down our left hand side likely is going to be easily nullified, for all of AMN strengths going forward isn’t one of them and we know Auba won’t create much out wide. Tierney streaming down that left hand side also allows Auba to drift in centrally more often also.

You could think about putting Saka on the left, but given his production on the right lately that could be robbing peter to pay paul.

I’m concerned about us winning this game more now, hopefully we can just scrap it out.