Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace (PL)

Thursday 14 January 2021
Premier League Match 18
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 20:00 :clock8:
:tv: Sky Sports

Here we go 5 wins in a row ?

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Crystal Palace Win
  • Covid 19 cancellation

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Added another option on the poll for @Leper

A draw.

We will get linked with Zaha for a week now again.

Hmm. Calum is really phoning in these OPs these days. Might have to revoke his match day thread starting privileges.

What more information could you possibly need?! :joy:

I’ve never posted anything different in all the years I’ve done them #consistent

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3 1 arsenal, their goal from Eze sending Bellerin for hotdogs.

3-0 Arsenal. Bellerin, Auba and Saka with the goals. Leno with a saved penalty too after Zaha falls over.


Will be mentioned a thousand times during commentary that Zaha was an Arsenal fan.

Exactly. Time to switch it up.


If you want to ban me from making them feel free but no one else takes the effort to make them. :man_shrugging:

I don’t want to ban you, I just want you to have some pride in your work and more self respect :grin:

In fairness to Calum he posts the only relevant information people need- the date, time and what channel it’s on. I scroll to the top all the time to see these things and it’s nice that the information is concise.

7/10 match day threads, would visit again.


Just have a feeling we’re going to lose this game. I hope I’m wrong.

Thursday night game. Sigh.

Does it really matter what day you watch it on the tv?

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You just never know with Zaha.
Lad has a tendency to turn into this guy in big matches, and especially against us.
It’s like he has something to prove. :thinking:

Well it means more Sunday night games for us most likely :+1:

We are on next Monday night actually


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Ugh Monday games. :grin: