Arsenal Vs Chelsea (PL)

Saturday 19 January
Premier League matchweek 23
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 17:30

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Chelsea win

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Going for an Arsenal win 2-1 in this one and 90% of our fan base will be on cloud nine.

It won’t matter though the wash up as we’ll only win 6 away games or so for the season.

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If we beat Chelsea why wouldn’t we?

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I’d be surprised if we lose this one, could be one of those random pleasant occasions where we hand someone from the ‘big 6’ a whuppin’. At home obvs because it literally will never happen away.

I’ll go hard fought draw 1-1, won’t do us much good tho

Yeah, I see a hard whuppin performance too… but without the result to go with it

Could see a draw here… will be down to who avoids the defensive lapses though, b/c neither team is reliably unlocking teams (with the exception of Hazard).

Because ultimately it won’t matter, we’ll drop many more points away and aren’t finishing in the CL places.


Your being a dick here. Arsenal win and arsenal fans will be happy. I don’t care where we finish but if Arsenal win I’m happy.

Take a break from trying to be better than everyone

If Hazard is on form, Chelsea could win this 2-0 or 2-1. I just think it’s going to be nothing but downhill now, with the wins coming less frequently for us. With games with UTd x 2 and City coming up, I have no confidence that we can get results out of those games. looking more likely that Europa League is looking our way into the CL, even then I wouldn’t be too confident either.

I don’t mind people being happy after a win against a big team, I’m more reffering to some people will talk up our top 4 chances if we beat them, which frankly is a waste of time.


We’ll win.

Haven’t beaten them in the league since 2015. We’re due

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We beat them in 2016/17 3-0

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We won’t if we beat them if we play like we did in the last few games. We beat them 3-0 a season or two ago.

I really can’t see us winning this match. We put in a ton of visible effort today (so I’m sure our English fans will be quite pleased) but I think we’re missing either Ozil’s creativity or Ramsey’s ability to make smart runs (not just a lot of running) to exploit defenses. West Ham was absolutely there for the taking today and we blew it.

The thought of that overrated flop merchant Hazard running at Mustafi is enough to make me not want to watch next week. :facepalm:

Hazard is not this.

I will die on this hill. :kos2:

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Love an american telling me what I admire in the game. Pray tell me what style of football should we be appreciating from your side of the pond.

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It’s a pretty well worn trope that English pundits obsess over visible effort. I’m hardly the first person to make that joke. Why you mad?


Its a dumb comment though isnt it. Otherwise its like saying none of us English fans liked watching Henry, Bergkamp, Pires etc.

My dude, we’re on an Internet board. Most what happens here are dumb jokes.