Arsenal vs Burnley (Wenger's last home game partyyy)


Sunday 06 May
Emirates Stadium
KO 16:30
Sky Sports are showing the end of the game stuff live at half 6 but not showing the game

CBA streaming it but will watch the Wenger stuff at 18:30

  • don’t care
  • ne m’en soucie pas
  • ist mir egal
  • no me importa
  • non importa

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Legit couldn’t give a rats arse what happens in these last 3 games.


Lol at you trying to speak italian! HOPE WE A GREAT LAST FAREWELL TO A LEGEND! Fuck the haters!


I’ll be in Amsterdam getting drunk on Leidseplein. 26 degrees, sun out. Should be a good day.


I’d be lying if I said I’m looking forward to this one.


Fast forward to manager announcement please.


Fuck Burnley, another Simeone’s style team. Get revenge against them.


I actually don’t really care lol. This game would have meant something to me had we not had to experience more failure as a painful reminder of the last 7 or so years of complete shit Wenger has served us.


Hahahahaha I feel exactly the same way.


I almost had bought flights and booked a hotel after he announced. I’m really quite glad I procrastinated enough that the price blew up to a level I wasn’t prepared to pay because it would otherwise have been money I’d pissed away due to the fact I would have stayed at home.


I guess Burnley could still catch us, no?

Like a good win to send AW off . Auba to score an Henry classic and Ozil a Bergkampesque pirouette… who shall be Freddie for this?


Are these three last games the least important we’ll ever play in the history of Arsenal?

Quite possibly.


6th place trophy on the line in these games. Once we get that locked up I’m going to be dialed in to the EL qualifying draws for sure.


Could the last games Wenger has as manager at home and away, be any less glamorous?
Last home game against Burnley, and the last away game against Huddersfield.
All he needs to top it off would be for it to rain, and we lose without scoring.


Should beat them at least 2-0, tbh.


Win with +4 goals or riot. Send the old man off with style atleast. Auba hattrick incoming :auba:


We need to win as we’ll get £2m more in prize money and then Sven can get us two Dembeles.


Could not give a flying fuck. Life after Wenger starts here. Turn the lights off on your way out and hand your key in.


Would love Auba to already reach 10 goals for us.