Arsenal Vs Burnley (PL)

Not watching this as its not on tv and I’ll have a hangover so fuck streams


Go back into 4th with a win, at least until the Chelsea v Spurs game later.

Loads at stake, no excuses. Have to fucking win.


We go back to 4th with less or the same games as our competitors, you love to see it.

We should win this comfortably and if we score early, we could get a few goals.
I’ll go 3-0 Saka, Martinelli and Odegaard to score.

But we really need Chelsea to beat spurs to make it more enjoyable.

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1-0 last minute penalty

Vital 3 points for Burnley that.

0-0 :grimacing:

Gabriel (Martinelli) brace


Let’s get a good solid win , clean sheet but more importantly a good team performance.

Our bench is actually hilarious. Hutchinson to come on for his debut?


This should have been the team v Liverpool if Tomiyasu wasn’t really fit.

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yeah squad management is a bit shit atm, but so are Burnley and they usually don’t give a fk how teams play which should suit us unless we get physically manhandled

We have more than enough to beat Burnley. Shit bench but we shouldn’t need the bench. Game should be over by the 55th minute.

Need the young attackers to perform. Lot of hype but need to deliver here. ESR needs a good game in particular. Martinelli seems the most likely to make the difference.

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That bench…

Who knew Mika Biereth was Danish? @Cristo

With a name like Mika, I thought he was Finnish…

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We’re only playing 4 games from today until march 5th, the first eleven should be able to play the full 90 minutes of all those games.

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We might have more, depends when our games get rearranged


This is why top 4 is just out of reach this season. Top 6 would still be great for this developing squad.