Arsenal Vs Burnley (PL)

this match is not on tv in the UK

I believe that…
  • We will win
  • We will draw
  • We will lose

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Should be a home banker but I won’t be stunned if we drop points, no central midfielders and confidence is down now.

Much needed fixture to bounce back. Burnley are dreadful and have lost Chris Wood.

But I won’t be surprised if it becomes dogged. A rough looking 2-1 win.

Think we get done here

Thankfully Wood has gone because we looked awful on crosses tonight.

No way we lose this, but I don’t care. I don’t think I’ll care come Sunday, either :pensive:

We should win this because we can beat the bottom half teams in the PL.

But if we don’t, it s mean we’ll be on the worst run of the season so far.

they are horrid. 3 points

We need to find a way to get the points, simple as that.

Burnley are shit and won’t have Wood or Cornet. Even with a squad clearly running on fumes, we should be able to do them and if we don’t its a big problem.


Perfect game after yesterday’s disaster… you’d think.

Come on let’s get back to winning ways, score a goal ffs.

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FYI we haven’t won in 2022 yet. :rofl:

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You got the reference :grin:

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Burnley have won 1 league game all season.

We’re not losing this.


That draw they got at Chelsea is niggling away at me here. Just think we could be tired and confidence low now and a quiet Emirates. 0 0

They could at least have the decency to stick it on at 3pm on a Saturday then for the fans in attendance.

2pm on a Sunday is some bullshit if its not even on the fucking box.

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It was originally scheduled for 3pm Saturday to be fair. But was moved because Liverpool fucked us around.

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Gonna be like the 2nd coming of Jesus when we beat a terrible Burnley side on Sunday. The brain washed minions will be out in droves :woozy_face::woozy_face:

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Tomiyasu apparently out for this. Chambers in his place hopefully.

I think we’re helped by them also having players recovering from Covid and injury.

We should win but feel with Afcon, suspensions and Tomi and ESR not being properly fit that this is gonna be tough for us.