Arsenal Vs Brighton (PL)

Sunday 05 May
Premier League Game 37
The Emirates Stadium
KO: 16:30 :clock430:

End our home season with a win and continue the momentum for Valencia!

COYG :red_circle::white_circle:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Brighton win

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Who gives a fuck


Play the youth

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I was gonna say this but don’t want Jenkinson Elneny etc killing the momentum again like the Palace game which truly fucked our top 4 hopes

Sack it. Energy needs conserving here. Lichestiner, Eddie,Mav, Elneny etc. Any fucker. 0 0

Playing against a side that I think has only won twice in the League all throughout 2019, so watch them turn up and nick a result in classic Arsenal fashion :arteta:

We really should bloody win this and end the home season on a good note. Top 4 is still a possiblity, but I’m not really banking nor care about that so much anymore. Brighton will probably play for a draw and keep it tight, but we should have enough to get a result.

That 3 game losing streak is consigned to history! So why not start a fresh one here by playing Elneny, Iwobi, Mikhtaryan, Monreal/Jenkinson as full backs in a back 4 etc.

Win this one Arsenal! If only to see a relegation dogfight between Cardiff and Brighton go to the last day

6-0. Last chance really.

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Think we’ll win this one, but still don’t think we’ll make top 4.

2-0 Arsenal.

Really is still in play for top 4 since I can see Chelsea dropping points in one of the remaining games, but obviously we have to take 6/6.

Yeah we’d be a decent shout if we got 6/6, very much doubt we grind out a win at Turf Moor though.

Never say die, to say otherwise is capitulation. There’s six points to be had. Have 'em.


For me,I’d play our strongest side we can put out. Chelsea will slip up again they are as dodgy as us. They have the toughest games left, so why not go for it. I want us to get top 4 so if we do get to a Europa League final, the whole game doesn’t come down to our only route into CL.

Maitland Niles and Kos will be out. I’d give either Laca or Auba a rest, have one on the bench just in case and the other playing. I play Ozil from the start. Leno comes back in. Move Mustafi to right back. Bring in Iwobi and just go for it and try to get 3 points.

I’m not giving up on top 4 yet.

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Problem is we said that exact same thing 1 game ago, 2 games ago and 3 games ago. These lot cant be trusted :neutral_face:

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I’m sticking with the idea that both Emery and Pochettino are putting all their eggs in the European basket so although we should win this, I’m not sure we will.
It certainly won’t be a thrashing and possibly not a great performance but if it means we win the Europa League then I’m not too bothered.

Saying that, I think we’ll scrape a 2-1 win, Aubameyang and Xhaka to score.

I’m going to this. My uncle has a season ticket and can’t make it as he is sunning himself in Barbados. I did offer to take his place in Barbados instead but alas, he said no.

On the plus side, I get to see Aaron Ramsey in the flesh one more time :crying_cat_face:

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Cardiff relegated. Should mean Brighton can just relax and not give a fuck now haha

Or play without any pressure and beat us :grimacing:

So, this is still a big game then