Arsenal vs Bayern Munich in LA

Anyone have or plan to get tickets to the game in Los Angeles vs Bayern?
I’m planning a trip from Canada but am concerned about the ticketing agency, which is where and the stadiums website link to purchase tickets. Looking into it. has absolutely terrible reviews any many formal complaints logged to the better business bureau. Including people having their tickets re-sold or not delivered.
So I want to be confident of getting the tickets before spending the effort and money booking a trip to LA.
So anyone know of a reliable place to get tickets, or have any experience dealing with
Any feedback appreciated.

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Lol wow yeah I read through some of the reviews and yeh it seems like the app is broken. I bought tickets for the LA Kings from them through the app and I had no issues. Although if you are nervous about the app just opt for will call tickets or have them emailed. It costs an extra $25, which is a rip off, but then you’ll have physical tickets and piece of mind.

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I had a look but after Baku I’m going to need to wait for a bit longer before going away to watch Arsenal again…