Arsenal Vs Aston Villa (PL)

Kind of important to get a result here with Everton, United and City all possibly losing points. But I guess now with a big six you can say that for most matchdays.

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I can never find a stream.

My friend, I will take care of you tomorrow.

I will send you all of the links.


I’m impressed.

One might call it, The Links Effect

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Well you wouldn’t want the Minks effect off a Dane right now.


This thread is surprisingly dead despite us playing in the league in just a few hours.

We could jump up to 6th/7th if we win, and just 3/4 points off the top of the table.

Absolutely have to win this game. No point beating United away and then losing/drawing at home to Villa.


Yeah… and we should win. Aston Villa are not going to be up this high in table at end of season - they will come back to earth and this is a good place to start. I voted draw just b/c I don’t trust our attack at all, but I think now we will take this game in a borefest. 3 points for the Arse.

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Really want to see Xhaka dropped again. Lets see Partey grow and control the middle and get some movement across the line.
Not expecting a classic but a comfortable and sometimes dominant 2 clear goal victory.


2-0 to the Arsenal


OA after a shock Villa win


Fixed :pray:

Unchanged from OT

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Xhaka benched again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Bit surprised that Willock didn’t even make the bench though

Bahahahahahahahaha fuck yes, Xhaka benched again. Gtfo here u dirt pounding house key merchant :fu::fu::fu:


We’re havin’ a partey

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The Villa team we’re going to put 4 goals past

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Xhaka being phased out


Barring injuries this is the pecking order, not that I agree with it.

Xhaka benched is good. Really should be starting Pepe today. Willock not on the bench a bit disappointing too.
Dani and Pepe out just makes me think we haven’t got enough tempo to dictate the pace. Still confident of the win. Substitution could be the key for getting the job done.