Arsenal vs Aston Villa (PL) 0-2

Arsenal vs Aston Villa

:stadium: Emirates Stadium
:date: Sunday 2024-04-14T15:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League
:tv: Sky Sports


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Aston Villa win

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It’s a shame this game is so important. Leverkusan have basically won the Bundesliga now, so Bayern can (and should) rest players at the weekend. We don’t have that luxury.


Hard fought win. We’re the better team; at home with extra rest. 2-1

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Douglas Luiz missing for Villa is a huge boost. Also think Villa haven’t been great of late, leaking goals.

This should be a fairly comfortable win with a slightly rotated squad.



2-0 Arsenal.

At home, Villa play Thursday night and we are better.


I’ll be travelling from the grand national so hopefully I’m home for the second half.

Hard fought 2-0 win.

they still need the second place.

too early to say they could give up the league and 100% on CL.

No, it is not.

Fuck Bumery and his army of plumbers. We gonna smash them to bits. 3-0.


Villa seem to have lost that belief they needed to win the title, now facing a deficit of 11 points having played a game more.

No margin for error here for the Villians.


Feels odd that there is a 5 day gap between games for us. A veritable holiday for the players.

We have to go as full strength as possible. We can worry about Bayern after.


Yeah, this could be big for us.

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no need to worry about Bayern at all…

are they really better than City and Pool?

They had some individual brilliance but it was our mistakes that cost our win.

If we have the mentality to take on City and Pool, no way we should be worry about them.
It should be just another game.

Not underestimating Bayern, we just need to be confident and believe in ourselves.
We can do it.

Got the best news, was going to be away for the weekend which would have made the game tricky to watch but it fell through. My wife is disappointed but I am delighted.


Gabriel was not spotted in training. Damn.

We can afford to miss him vs Villa. Need him vs Bayern though.


Fuck I’m flying to Copenhagen when this kicks off

Apparently it was his daughter’s birthday that day. Should be availabe for today.

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All good


Highly confident.

I don’t think we’ll give them much chance today.

Basically the full squad available, we’re in great shape.

They’re missing Luiz, a couple of other midfielders too (Kamara, Ramsey ?)…

Expecting a pretty convincing win. Maybe not a huge one in terms of the amount of goals, but I don’t expect them to cause too much trouble.

Interesting to go back to that game we played against them in the first half of the season. Things looked totally different at the time. Although we probably deserved a better result there, we just didn’t have much control, our midfield looked kinda lost and out of shape… We’re a completely different team now.
There shouldn’t be a close contest today.

I hope we have some chance to rotate