Arsenal v West Ham (Premier League)

Wednesday 5th April, 7.45pm.

If it’s a confidence boost we’re after, then this is the match to get it in. West Ham are in a worse run of form than us, but they did win this fixture last season.

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • West Ham win

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This is where the top4 momentum begins. I can see 10-12pts from the next 4 games and then we can take on Spurs with confidence.


We haven’t won in the league for just under two months :joy:

Surely this is the game this ends?!

4-1 Arsenal gonna go out and say another Alexis hattrick! COYG

I think we edge this one 2-1.

I think we’ll continue to stutter and fail to take the points here. Our organisation, particularly at the start of games to cost us again.

Reckon we’ll go 2-0 down in the early stages and spend the rest of the match fighting back to either an underwhelming draw or narrow 2-1 defeat.


Another game with nothing on it against a team in worse form than us.
Dont know who starts up front here as Wellbeck was slow and rusty sunday.
Going to say 1 1 and Ospinia being a bit vunerable to Andy Carrol.

Andy Carroll does love a goal against us tbf. And with Kos out I think it’s safe to say that even if we win we won’t be keeping a clean sheet.

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Hard to call this game as you can’t predict how we will play. Is Carol fit for this game? If he is, then I don’t expect anything from this game cause he is just going to bully our pathetic defense every chance he gets and I can see him score and/or create a few. Even if he isn’t playing, I can see all possibilities in terms of results but I wouldn’t bet on us winning cause given how poor we are at the back, even with just 4 minutes of added on time left, if we have anything less than a 3 goal lead, we might lose.

Tight win, I think.

Another draw at best.

The FT boos to be deafening.

Wenger to give no further indication on whether he’s staying or going.


If we lose. this could be the game that sees Wenger announce he is leaving.

If we can’t beat West Ham, at home, who are in a similar situation to us, then it will mean we have had the worst run of games under Wenger since he came here.

need to win the next 3 including this game

there winnable games - no excuses

sorry wenger out brigade regardless of the result tonight he wont leave

With a soft as butter central midfield pairing (going by Sunday) and a back line of midgets, not feeling confident. West Ham are shit but we(at present) have knack of making shit teams look good… They(if i was them)will just get it wide and bang it in for Carrol who could have a field day…
Prove me wrong.

I refuse to believe we can’t beat them at least.

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If we lose and he is thinking of leaving, I think he will announce it after the game.

If we lose and he doesn’t announce it, we can assume he is staying.

As I said, losing against a club in a worse position than us, with a manager under even more pressure, would mean this is the worst run of games Wenger has had with us.

It would also mean more discontent with the supporters and the players, which might be shown at levels we have never seen before, and I don’t mean a few planes with banners trailing behind them, or some Wenger out posters outside the ground.

Even the most ardent Wenger supporters will start to realise we need a change, so winning this game is the bare minimum he needs.

Not many expected a win at home to Man City but if we can’t beat this lot then you can chalk us down for 6th

Wenger has probably marked this one out as the first of a 3 game win streak, off the back of which he can finally permit the world to know his decision :roll_eyes:

Wenger talked about how you have to stop them from crossing to deal with them, so I’d imagine that putting out a foot to stop a ball from passing by will have been on the training plan these past days. During the game we’ll probably look more like a team that has never dealt with such tactics before.



More injuries! Nothing news at Arsenal. We are gonna top injury table very soon.

Arsenals new sponser…The Red Cross.

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