Arsenal v Man United (PL)


Henry’s goals v United wow… wish I seen that guy in his prime


Only betting on this as its 80/1?!

Well worth a £5 bet as it very well could happen lol


Lacazette could start. Mind games from Wenger in midweek :eyes:


What?! I took him out my fpl cause Wenger said he was injured!! Prick :joy::joy:




He starts. Wenger has played Mourinho at his own game


Hahaha this is the best thing Wenger has done in a long time.

I did read that Laca was in training yesterday actually but I had convinced myself that mind games are not Wenger’s thing.

Best XI again


oooohhh has wenger got his mojo back or something, the players seem happier and he is back to his fergie style messing.


Fuck sake. Took him out of my fantasy team for this week.

But great bants by Wenger


Lol! Took him out of my FPL as well FFS! Happy he is starting though!


Mourinho got trolled :arteta:


Had a feeling it was bs as Lacazette hurt his knee not his groin



Nice trolling by Weng or classic Weng starting him when unfit but benching him when fit

I guess we’ll find out


No, i didn’t take him out of my FPL :laca: :kos2:



Why are people worried that they took him out of their FPL team? The only person getting through the bus is Kolasinac!

We need a Kola emoji by the way.


Wasn’t excited for this game at all with the thought of Welbeck or Giroud starting but I am now :laca:


Is he starting in the end?


Got the feeling that he is injured, and this is indeed a risk, rather than some calculated move by Arsene.


Believe in Le Prof :hipster: