Arsenal v Leeds (PL)

For FPL purposes, an Nketiah hat trick would be the icing on the cake!

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God we have to win. God please let this be a comfortable watch, I don’t want to go to hospital with heart and brain and soul problems


Spot on, similar applies to Newcastle and Everton.

These are bottom half teams

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RIP Stuart. Taken so young.


Lol didn’t he get injured trying to clatter the fuck out of Grealish?

It’s not like he was the victim of some awful, leg breaking foul from some random cunt.

Weird energy they’re bringing here. But whatever, they’re showing solidarity for a fan favourite player. Nice gesture even if it is a bit confusing to me

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So this dude broke his leg trying to foul someone….

:arteta2: yeah makes sense

I prefer the TV show they named after him as a mark of respect.

RIP Stuart Dallas


OI OIIII :red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle:

Are they gonna sing that stupid song today?

These t-shirts just make me want to smash them even more.

I’m looking forward to watching Gelhardt. Feel like he’s gonna be a top talent.

Can hear it now vaguely. Nobody seems to be singing along tk that trash

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Mad story about 16 year old Gray on Leeds United’s bench.

Is he Eddie Gray’s grandson? Did I hear that correctly?

What a glorious day in London it looks.

It’s the same here


Saka vs Firpo is going to be the key to todays victory im sure

Damn Tomi at LB


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