Arsenal v BATe




Well 3000 lucky spectators just had a great time.


Arsenal master BATE


Group stages in both European competitions are completely and utterly useless. But money.


waaaaaaaaaaaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey 6-0 in europe, i think we are gonna win the EPL, FA cup and Europa league now :giroud:


Just a stat padding sesh.

BATE were awful. We could have put 11 penguins out there and still won.


Nice run out, albeit BATE were one of the easiest opponents ever. Jack were good again (he has always been good in the Europa League this season), as Elneny (he tends to score few, but great goals). Welbeck has serious balance problems.


Christ! Don’t become a new doom mongers. We already have many on this board :xhaka:


When’s the draw for the Round of 32 ? Monday like the Champions League Draw ?


All the goals for who missed them :wink:

1-0 Debuchy

2-0 Walcott

3-0 Wilshere

4-0 own goal

5-0 Giroud

6-0 Elneny




Probably midnight Tuesday for you? As its Monday at 12:00 mid-day in the UK


Well that was a fun game, highlight being a link in mdc of Giroud’s cock…


Yeah 11pm on the Monday night or so for me then.