Arsenal v BATe


Tonight at Emirates

  • Arsenal
  • Draw
  • Bate

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BATE Borisov? More like BATE Boreoff


Win. Arsenal. Case closed.


The award for latest match thread goes to… :joy:

Will be a proper boring game but still gonna watch. COYG


Finally! Hope for a win. Don’t want to win the group with another loss lol!


What time?



08:05 UK time


urgh so late, i’ll be at a christmas party


I’d bin off the party if I were you. You’re going to miss a thriller!


Boring drab 1-0 win I reckon, can’t watch any of it due to work but Don’t think I will be missing much.




4-3-3 of absolute shit and why the fuck even bother with bringing Akpom along.


Dat midfield pivot :heart_eyes: Coqneny

Why are we playing fucking Walcunt over Jeff Eddie Nelson and Willock. Absolute madness


I want to bang my head against a wall. Or against Wenger.

We’re not even seeing our youngsters in the most meaningless game we’ve played in a long time.

Coquelin, Debuchy, Walcott. Just fuck off already.


Elneny-Coquelin in the middle :grimacing:




If Wenger wasn’t our manager. Nelson is a wing-back for him :xhaka:


MDC open.



Of a back 6 :cech: