Arsenal transfers 24/25

Quiet before the storm my friend

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Agreed. The early flurry of news of being heavily linked to Vlahovic was fun but I am getting itchy now it’s going quiet.

We ought to move on Isak if the Vlahovic deal is a dead end. We have a conclusion with Arthur now. Ball back in our court to get shit done now.

Just clinging to the fact nobody else has done anything yet.
A signing or two would be good or it’s a crap shoot on injuries.


Wijnaldum Wijnaldum Wijnaldum.


Shocking we haven’t even approached PSG yet

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The Wijnaldum deal has never made sense to me. He is playing pretty regularly for them and they will be competing for the CL this spring. Even if he doesn’t like the atmosphere within the squad, I don’t see why he would want to come here for four months just to help our push for top four. And a permanent move isn’t going to happen because he signed on a free last summer for absurd wages.

At this point striker seems like a bigger priority than CM. Once Afcon is over we can get through the rest of the season with four CMs. I think we’re taking a huge risk if we exit January depending only on Laca and Eddie as our strikers and I’m not sure reintegrating Auba into the side is either possible or desirable.

We just need to push the fucking boat out for Vlahovic IMO. Do it and we should be the significant favorites for top four and poised to really kick on next year as long as we can add the right CM over the summer.

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Pretty clear a lot of these January moves take place in the last 2-3 days of the window

All just poker, trying to force the others hand


Some more of this please. 29 January 2018 we agreed a fee with Dortmund for Aubameyang


With Juventus desperate to get rid of Ramsey and keep Arthur and Dušan’s agent jerking us around, I think we’ll end up with nobody.

The fixtures getting shifted around may make Edu and Vinai think we can just kind of ride it out until May. It’s the wrong move but I can absolutely see it happening.


Someone explain to Edu/Josh/Stan that the club makes more money in the top 4 and CL football. Transfer would nearly pay for itself hitting those goals.


Pretty positive that’s why we’re going big on Dusan now. :sweat_smile:

Would anyone take Ramsey on a loan to the end of the season?

Fck no Juve probably hate us for selling him to them :rofl:


IF he could stay fit, then yes! But that seems unlikely given the issues he has had.

Technically he left Arsenal on a free…Juve can’t blame us!

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Going to have to turn down the return of a legend. Thanks though

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If they pay us, yes.

  • Ramsey
  • Wilshere

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Just for talking sake you had to take one on loan or in Jacks case a 6 month contract

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One is a legend, the other is a rat

easy Q


The one who actually plays football. Fuck the radio presenter.

Calum we need a guy we can register and play. Cmon now.

Ramsey was a guy who needed a few matches to get his rhythm and inevitably got injured once he got going.

And I’m not even sure what position he plays in this formation. He doesn’t have the passing range of an Ødegaard, do we want him taking one of the spots on the wing, and he’s not necessarily someone who strikes me who can replace Partey.

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