Arsenal transfers 24/25

Is he Sacha good right-back? Does anyone know?


Good sign if Brighton are interested. Does sound a bit too similar to Boehly though…

Reminds me a bit of Sagna from the YouTube clip I watched last night.

Looks a bit like a cross between Sagna and Trent lol

Be good if he’s like that on the pitch


Slightly confused. So are we really interested? Was the offer true? :thinking:

So with Nelson extending, I think that settles it for potential forward signings. Even if one of Balogun or Eddie go, we would be good in numbers theoretically, so both would have to depart to create a void in the forward line.

With that said, the target list as of right now is:

  • RB/CB: Boey(still not sure on this one), Simakan, Tapsoba, Guehi
  • DM/CM: Rice, Caicedo, Zubimendi
  • CM/AM: Mount, Kudus, Gundogan

Looks pretty manageable to me, especially with sales. I think it’s worth taking the extensions into account as well. It feels like they’re attacking those pretty aggressively trying to tie down our main guys. Saliba, Odegaard and White appear to be the next ones on the agenda.

They’re all within our reach but if we get Rice then it’s unlikely we’ll get Mount as well, who’ll probably go to Man U but if we could get Rice and Gundagon it would be great business.

I still think we will sign a forward of some sort, Nelson aside.

I really hope so but maybe Arteta trusts Nketiah and Trossard.

On paper, Jesus, Saka, Martinelli, Nketiah, ESR, Nelson and Trossard is enough numbers wise.

We still have Balogun as well.

I’d rather shift Nketiah and Nelson and buy a striker to compete with Jesus.

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Seems a very interesting player. Very solid in both directions, a great athlete, kinda similar to Tomi (before the injuries).

Wouldn’t mind this move. Would cost something around 25-30M euros, looking at Galatasaray fans comments, seems a pretty decent price.

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I was watching Partey very closely today. Very effective at RB, and in possession he was adept at inverting and coming into a central midfield position alongside Jorginho. When White advanced forward, Partey then slotted seamlessly into the back three. Seemed clear to me that Arteta was trying a few things out with the selection today.

Makes me think, and hope, that we may be in for both Rice and Caicedo this summer. Rice could easily fulfil a DM role for us, but perhaps he can grow into that No.8 midfield role to replace Xhaka. Caicedo is continuing to give me Kante vibes. I think we have to sign him to prevent him for signing for another team. Partey could become a brilliant utility player for us, and if we deployed him this way, could mean we don’t need to bring in a new RB. We could instead focus on a new CB instead.


I saw a much happier Partey yesterday, he’s been sluggish and had an air of ambivalence over the last month which convinced me he’d checked out. Maybe Xhaka’s sudden exit has made him realise he has a big role next season.

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They can have him for 700m


I’ll take Mbappe for him. Odegaard doesn’t strike me as somebody who will be looking to move any time soon.

I think he’s happy to have finally found a club where he can flourish - I think we’re safe for a couple of years at least.


buyback clause for £10m included