Arsenal Transfers 2022

If we’re going to be spending a big transfer fee and wages of £150k+ then there are superior options to Rashford, such as Gnabry.

I don’t doubt that Rashford is on our shortlist, but I imagine he’s quite far down as there are more bang for buck targets out there.

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Beyond Rashford’s terrible form over the last year, I just don’t see his game working for a more tactical, possession-based side. He is a direct, counter-attacking player who spent the most important years of his development as a professional having his understanding of footballing tactics and how his own game fits into them being shaped by Mourinho and Ole. No thanks.

Who would seriously be happy with Rashford as our marquee striker signing?

i’d be wondering how we have done so well picking up good signings and then decide to get this guy when we are struggling for goals.


I don’t think anyone would be. I think everyone sees him as a rotating forward option at a top club.

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I’m sure I’d want Martinez over Rashford if we had to choose.

@InvincibleDB10 the only people genuinely happy with Rashford as our marquee signing are the executives at ESPN and Sky. Combining “Arsenal in crisis!” storylines with sneering editorials about how Rashford should just stick to sports would be driving site traffic like crazy.

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PLProvenHEREWEGO :brazil: :brazil: :brazil:

Raphina is Mahrez/Mane level. Would be an unreal signing.


Raphina for around 50m, that would be great business.
If he can put in those sort of performances for a poor side like Leeds, imagine what he’d so playing alongside our attacking players.

The weakness with Rashford to Arsenal is that he is at his best as a left inside forward. We got Martinelli and ESR there, and I honestly don’t think he is any better than those two in that role. He is not really a lone striker unless you are sitting back and playing a counter attacking game.

You could see him doing well in a striker pairing, but I don’t see us playing with two strikers anytime soon.

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Raphinia?! Please don’t give me hope

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Interesting, doesn’t he plays mostly on the right?

Yeah, for what is worth we were also interested in Kulusevski too before Spurs desperately pulled the trigger on him.
What I’m getting is:
A) Pepe is most likely going in the summer
B) Arteta and co. want competition in all positions

C) we’re selling Saka to City

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Martinelli is a good player and might get better, but 5 league goals. Is a average return for a wide forward. And his end product needs improvement. Would love Smith Rowe a run of five games as a starter…but fitness issues and injuries have been a problem , for him…looks the most natural goal scorer in our squad out of him Saka and Gabi. Back to Rashford. The only positive thing I can say about him at the moment. Is at least it not Anthony Martial we are interested in. But we need two forwards at least. One that can play the wing and up top as well and another Center forward. especially with Champions league football…looking likely.
For next season.

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Who hasn’t enquired about Raphina at this point? This is as good as sealed for Barca, especially with the Deco link.

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Aye, we need two forwards, but I do not think Rashford will be one of them. Most likely we’ll look for a typical lone striker/target man that can lead the line, and someone that can play as a false nine.

Nunez and Felix would do the trick, but Felix would probably be much too expensive for us.

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