Arsenal Transfer Market Values

So, one criticism that is often justifiably given of the club is that it doesn’t get good value when selling players. Lockdown has given me more time than I should have to think about it as well as play a bit of Fifa as well so I thought it might be interesting to see how we actually value our players as players. I don’t think there’s anyone in our squad we just wouldn’t sell at all if the right money came in, so with that in mind here’s how I’d value them and I’m curious to see how others think.

Oh, and I’m assuming with these values a “normal” contractual situation so providing we don’t have to get low-balled because a player is out of contract soon or is agitating for a move or whatever. I’m including the loan players too even though they’re not ours because obviously we might want to buy them at some point.

Leno - 70-90 Million, one of the best in the world
Ryan - 10 Million
Alex Runarsson - £2 million on a good day

Centre Backs
Gabriel - £40 Million, Clearly going to be a top PL defender
Holding - £30 Million, would be solid for any PL team + English tax
Chambers - £15 Million, which unbelievably I think we paid for him
Mustafi - £20 Million, don’t get me wrong, we’re not getting that, but he’d be decent for most teams in Europe just not at the very top level.
Mari - £20 Million
Luiz - £5 Million, mainly down to age

Full Backs
Tierney - £80 million, clearly on a par with some of the best attacking full back players in the league and the continent
Bellerin - £30-40 million
Cedric - £7 million - has improved since he joined us

Partey - £90 million. Show me a midfield in Europe he doesn’t walk into
Xhaka - £20 million. Especially among the mid-table teams (no jokes, please :D) he’d be worth this
Elneny - £10 million
Ceballos - £25 million. He has spells where you’d say he was worth a lot more but equally some times where he’d struggle to live up even to this price.
Willock - £20 million. Promising and English.
Smith-Rowe - £50 million. Clearly emerging as a top talent.
Maitland-Niles - £20 million
Saka - £100 million, is already and is only going to be more and more brilliant.
Odegaard - Pass. Never seen him play.

Martinelli - £30 million. I imagine this would rise quickly if he gets back to his form pre-injury
Pepe - £40 million. Basically because if we’d signed him for this I think it wouldn’t have been the worst deal.
Willian - Free. I don’t see how you get a fee for him based on his Arsenal career so far.
Nelson - £10 million. Mainly English tax.
Nketiah - £10 million. Probably to a lower table side.
Lacazette - £20 million
Aubameyang - £55 million


2m…i reckon most would bite your hand off for £2


Pretty reasonable but generous in a most cases… I don’t think we get those values in vast majority of those but it isn’t a terrible starting point.

I think the more interesting question is who are we actually getting rid of and when. So far we are basically giving away players to get them off our books.

Willian free. :rofl:

We need to extend Saka’s contract next season. Lad is going straight to the top. He’s gonna be a world-beater before you know it.

Agree with you on most of them…

Not with their wages. Same with the likes of Mustafi, we tried to sell him and couldn’t get a buyer

I like Leno and I think he’s a quality keeper but I don’t think he’s worth that much.

So if we sold him, what fee would you be happy with? I wouldn’t want us to sell him for less than Liverpool and Chelsea have been paying for keepers in recent years.

I think more in the 50-60 range, I do think he’s quality or be it sometimes a little lacking at commanding his area catching crosses.

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