Arsenal to partner with prisons


Wasn’t sure where to post this so started a new thread.

Arsenal, Bournemouth and Fulham are involved so far. Good idea?


Hopefully we can lock Mustafi up.


Sounds like a great idea to me.



But yeah fantastic idea. We are a society and need to start acting like one.


Great idea.


Lol Luca that’s post of the year worthy


This is the kind of community work we should see more of from football clubs, here’s hoping it bears fruit.

Good on DD for spearheading this.


Arsenal scouting prison for a new gk hope they find a statham GK in their


Fantastic idea, there’s not enough focus in this country on actual rehabilitation and prevention to reoffend as opposed to actually punishing people.


It sounds like a superb initiative. If society really believed in rehabilitation there would be similar things going on in far, far more companies.

I wonder what prompted Dein into setting this up now, not that it particularly matters I’m just curious. :slight_smile:


Good works. Glad it’s an Arsenal man that came up with it. And how noble to be extending a hand to Scum and Chavs like this.