Arsenal Stats and Trivia

Martinelli a bit shy this season.

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Justin Hoyte

First season watching the club this guy was getting minutes. absolute crap lol. Beaten by anyone with a bit of trickery in their game. Made up for it with his rapid pace. Brutal stuff.

Havertz 100th player to score a competitive goal at the Emirates

Nwaneri and MLS first players in a competitive squad at the Emirates that were born after the stadium opened.

First time playing together


Bro that’s mental they hadn’t all played together until today. Havertz has 20 appearances for us this season and only 1 in the preferred front 5. Hopefully a sign of things to come, be nice to slap another bucketload of goals past Wolves on the weekend.


Another 6-0 eh @shamrockgooner :arteta4:

That second stat :sob::sob::sob:

Quite a thought provoking information.

I could swear they surely played together at least in a couple of games…

Interesting… :bellend:

This is pretty mental and I was shocked when it was mentioned on the Arsecast recently!

Goes to show the injury woes we’ve had to deal with a quarter of the way through the season.

I really think Jesus, while not entirely prolific (goals), really does unlock another gear or something in the players around him. He’s like a tornado and everyone rebounds off of him or stokes him further to create more mayhem.