Arsenal Stats and Trivia

I like posting arsenal stats so here is the thread for them :slight_smile:

Lol :neutral_face:


Yeah! Same old Arsenal!

Stats are useless in emergencies ,no stat has ever scored a goal ,or cleared the ball off the line. Denilson had great stats ! er thats it .

They’re still interesting though.

70 % of OA would agree with you ,20 % percent would not but 10 % are at this time divided on the issue ! It should be noted however that 70 % of all facts on social media sites are invented on the spot !
I’s rather watch TOWIE than look at football stats !

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Some stats are quite interesting (trophies hauls, record goalscorers and what have you) but yea plenty are absolute nonsense.

I dont need any stats to tell me that we wont win the league until wenger leaves the club !

Given the degree of investment in analytics I’m inclined to suggest the pair of you are really undervaluing their importance.

Stats are far from “absolute nonsense”, it’s simply their interpretation that often leaves a little to be desired. :wink:


Stats are brilliant.

The issue is people using them without context.

It doesn’t help that Sky, BT and MOTD all employ ex footballers who have absolutely no interest in learning about the proper use of statistics and its role in football. So your left with pundits either simply making entirely false statements or using a headline stat to justify their prejudices. Eg ozil hasn’t assisted in four games = ozil has had four bad games. Job done.

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I said that plenty of stats are absolute nonsense and they are. When you see things like “Arsenal have not beaten Swedish opposition away in Europe in 50 years” and it turns out theres only been one game that meets the criteria when you look a little closer at it then that is indeed absolute nonsense.

Equally plenty are not nonsense. :thumbsup:

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Haha Yes. These kind of stats is so ridiculous.
“A have not won against B in their entire history”
“Oh btw they have only played twice in that period.”

Also “If Persie was not played, Arsenal would have had xx points less”
Ofcourse they would, because they would be playing with 10 men.

As @Gunnerpr said, Stats are brilliant when used with proper context.

always liked the liverpool never lose when rush scores 1st …league cup final ha ha ha ha

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where you not wondering when we last played PSG @mysty?


Our defence is actually quite good tbf! As January 2015 was a looong time ago.

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West Brom you say?


I have to admit that some stats are a bit pointless and stupid, this one isn’t Arsenal related but I saw it on MOTD yesterday. Rashford is the first teenager to score for United under Mourinho

haha honestly who cares

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No it was the first teenager to ever score for Mourinho. That’s pretty massive tbh lol as he’s managed for years. @LukeTheGooner

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It must have explained it more in the talking after each match, I just read it from the top during the match. I always skip through the talking