Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


when the fuck did we manage a point? when was that? TIME FOR A BEER


Old Trafford.


oh shit yeah. That was epic subs though tbh.



Yeah those stats prove what I thought at the beginng of the season, if we play to the same level as last season it would see us finishing 5th/6th due to the stronget competition.


I did one of those very scientific league predictors yesterday. Looks like Liverpool would be the team to drop out of the top 4 rather than City and it’ll take something like 75 points for us or United to break in. That’ll be 24 points from 30, so 8 wins from 10 basically which isn’t impossible.


Gotta be perfect in 8 matches then, as we won’t beat Spurs or United.


With Spurs, United, Everton and Stoke-away on our schedule I’d say that is highly unlikely though. Leicester is on a good run too.




Great records.


We love shipping 3 goals I must say


Wasn’t @Arsenal4thetreble gloating how few times we had conceded 3 goals in the last 12 months a few months ago ?




Clearly playing against Le Prat.




Yes but in that season we went on to win our first FA Cup 2-0 vs Huddersfield Town and then go onto spawn the great 30s decade under Chapman.

So naturally we’re going to win this season’s Fa Cup and employ a great new manager within a year. Right? :eyes:


Fucking treble next season lads bring it on.

Arsenal are making me lose my shit today


Arsenal’s opener was their 3,000th away goal in English league football (now 3,001) - the second side to reach that figure (Manchester United, 3226).

Haven’t we had more years in the top flight than them? Cool stat though.


Says English league football, wouldn’t that mean any league they’ve played in?

But yeah, strange to think United were relegated as recently as the mid 70s.