Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread

Some of those sides haven’t even been in the top flight for all of those seasons :joy:


Doesn’t help when we had Wenger who’s players had no discipline and shape just go hung ho and then we went to Emery who was a hack with a team who couldn’t understand a word he was saying. Now we’ve got Arteta who seems to think the low block is the only solution.

We just need balance. To show some degree of attacking intent and also some solid defensive shape.

Awful record.


Yeah and thats the culture of modern day Arsenal that has too be changed.
Look at that and think of the players who have been part of it.
Think how many different names get reinvented as the savours of our plight and realise your Ozil, Cazorla, Sanchez, Ramsey etc have all been part of it.
Six years, 3 managers not including Freddie and the only assumption you come too is there’s no one size fits all answer. It’s that most horrible of words and certainly if your backing Arteta patience.
Whether it works out you dont know but it is what it is and really Arsenal fans sense of entitlement needs reigning in. Been an average performing club for best part of a decade and lost ground a lot in them six years.


To be fair the additions of both Cazorla and Ozil gave the team/club serious boosts. Arsenal really failed to built on that.


Granted but these names get used in isolation as how we could just change overnight in some cases.

Swansea and WBA having more is absolutely hilarious.

Crystal palace the giant killers :eyes:.

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Swansea is only relevant to Wenger

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24 W Ham :wenger2: