Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread

Get your shit straight Robin, it’s like you don’t even give a fuck about The Arsenal


That’s now no wins and just 8 points out of a possible 66 in matches away to (former) ‘Big 6’ opponents since 2015

Arsenal just outclassed today but the stat still needs to change and soon. Need to be winning at Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge or whatever the hell Tottenham’s ground is called this season

Auba has blood on his hands for making this stat continue

What’s the best record for comparison?

Arsenal last away win versus big 6 teams.

Man Utd = 2006 …before that it was 2002

Chelsea = 2011…before that it was 2008

Liverpool = 2012…before that it was early 2012

Tottenham = 2014…before that it was 2007.

Man City = 2015 and before that year it was 2010

*Premier League only

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:tada: a new low

Careful what u wish for.

Getting rid of Arsene was still 100 % the correct call as we were going nowhere under him either, it’s just sad for us appointing Unai wasn’t the correct call.


Yeah like wishing to keep Wenger over Klopp when he was available. Look no further.



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It might be worth investing in an above average penalty shot stopper. What’s Diego Alves up to these days? :upside_down_face:


He doesn’t even attempt to answer the question in that tweet :grin:


I think Troy Deeney had one saved in Premier League against us if memory serves me right. Ospina saved one in the Europa League and that’s it.

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Yeah, I was thinking it must be when Cech finally saved one.

What’s your theory on saving the penalty specialist? How would we utilise the skillset?

That Orbinho is just a massive cunt tbh

He’s an arsenal fan who works for opta. He posts arsenal stats. How is he a cunt lol? One of the best accounts on twitter

Does he ever post a positive statistic?