Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


To be fair though the defense was crap to begin with, mustafi just came back living is to slow against a team like Liverpool and key defenders are missing with fuck all backup…we need more defenders clear out and better quality coming in. No one can do anything with all these injuries and a shit defense to begin with.




Ffs all these stats make me sad. Have you no positive one @Calum



I actually really enjoy stats that make me hate Arsenal. I like to be validated with numbers and see I’m not mental


just for you @Bl1nk



Arsenal have not conceded a single league goal direct from a corner all season.

All open play, with a couple of pelanties in there. It’s the same problem week after week. Concentration lapse, individual defender error, pressure on our goal, poor decision making with tackling/clearances, goal.



and the fact we’re the only side to not concede from a corner just serves if anything to highlight how bad we are in open play


Scenes not even a month and they have made the 8 points up


Its only Arsenal. . .


Sad but true hah


because the squad was more than good enough and had a fortune spent, they were playing shit to get rid of maureen.



Always been better than us. It was just Mourinho who was holding them back so that shit is pure shit.


Arsenal away PL form since start of 2017: P40 W12 D8 L20

Fucking hell.


20 losses, that is actually fucking hilarious.


Look at the teams our away wins have come against too. It’s like a who’s who of footballing trash! Cardiff, Huddersfield, Stoke, Middlesbrough… :smile: