Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


If the rest of the squad is considered to be up to scratch, ie we aren’t needing to replace someone and buy an Aubameyang level player, I think it is possible.

I still find it very hard to envisage us going as hard as Liverpool did in signing van Dijk, Alisson and Fabinho within six months for such high fees, but I could see us spending maybe around 50m on a centre back. But only within a far more specific set of circumstances than Liverpool, sadly.


I’m of the belief that you can get a very good player at a very good price if you scour the market properly. There are plenty of players across Europe’s top leagues who have reasonable release clauses and are perfectly obtainable for a club like Arsenal.


So the Torreira of centre halves is basically what you’re saying ?


We need the Torreira of wingers, LB and CB!


I did a little chuckle, but yeah, basically. And why not?

Someone has to sign all of these 75m players before they cost the earth, we need to be the richest of all those clubs. Napoli, Dortmund, Atleti and probs quite a few others do it more regularly than we have in recent years. We need to do more of that and Torreira is the perfect kind of example, even though we can’t expect every player to live up to how excellent he appears to be.


I agree, look at all these £75m-100m players they were bought for pittances in comparison. Look at Dembele he went for £100m but dortmund picked up for around 12m if i remember rightly. Pogba was let go for peanuts and was (stupidly) bought back for £90m If you think we could buy Torriera right now for £26m not a fucking chance in hell, with the world cup he had and how he is performing this season his release clause would probably be ignored or upped with his club if we didnt buy him before the world cup.


Chelsea have kind of done it that way in this second Era of success they just had. I know they spend a lot on Morata, but Kante, Alonso and Costa were under 35 million. But maybe the market has made an exponential shift upwards with the influx of higher tv revenues. That’s why that scenario might be unrealistic in the near future.



West Brom second in that list of points won at Old Trafford, despite not having been in the Premier League every single since 2006, is pretty remarkable! Ours really reflects what a horrible bogey ground it is for us.


Stat was posted before the match so we have 4 now. At least we are off the bottom :joy:


Thinks that’s the thing that pisses me off about yesterday’s draw, not the point itself but the fact if we couldn’t win at OT last night when will we ?


Although it would have been nice to win at Man U, realistically to get four points from the games against spurs and Man U was more than acceptable.

If we had lost both matches we would be nine points behind spurs and only two ahead of Man U but with the win and the draw we are only two points behind spurs and six points ahead of Man U and are still on our unbeaten run.


Even better, we’re 8 ahead of united :smiley:




We now have 3 clean sheets so they may want to fix that up.


Tbf I think that was before our match started haha



We won’t eclipse 2007 as we’re losing At Anfield, that’s pretty much nailed on.


It’s absolutely not nailed on. Anything can happen over the Christmas games.


We have the joint second amount of wins at Anfield in the PL (6) along with Villa.

Utd top with 12 wins or something