Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Pretty funny how he scored the last three away goals to win us the games :joy: Burnley and Palace


But I thought Alexis was the team cancer ? Once he left we were going to improve :rofl:


Without Alexis we’d have 1 away win this season :joy:


Just looked it up - this was a season we finished 14th with 37 points :joy:


Anyone know our record for consecutive away defeats in the league ? If Wenger was seeing out his contract I reckon we’d be a near certainty to break it.


A short preview of our team and how shit was Wenger setting up a coherent defence last season.






Yea but in fairness we’ve had to face the likes of Villa and Sunderland in those games. :flushed:


The might of West Ham :syringe:


Ahhaha the villa game. The birth of arsenal fan tv…


Just remembered the two wins came at the last minute aswell :joy: absolute shambles



I bet every team that faces City does the most running that week.



Our away form :mustafi:



I mean, it’s been two matches, that’s not really saying much is it haha


Arsenal have lost more games (10) in 2018 than any other side in the league bar Huddersfield :eyes: