Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Since we’ve already lost 8 games and it’s only mid February I wanted to see what our record PL loses where in a season and if we could match or better it this season. Safe to say we won’t be doing that… :joy:

What the fuck? 16 and 17 losses?! Where we just really shit? I’d imagine we finished mid table in both those season with that many losses?


Kind of a perfect example of what I’ve been talking about all these years. Wenger has set the bar high no matter which way you slice it. Calum you are a die hard Arsenal fan and all you’ve known is relative success. Lol you didn’t even know we were so shit once upon a time. You really should have much more respect for Wenger.


Nah, Wenger is just a shit manager.


Wow! An Arsenal fan wanting to see us lose all the games 'til the end of the season. I rest my case sir.


Where on earth have you got that from my post? :joy::joy::joy::joy:




Yes I researched our record PL losses in a season to see what it was and weather we could match that.

Where does that mean I want us to lose every game? Your so fucking boring Luca :sleeping:


You wanted us relegated just yesterday, so…


Apologize, then.


1992-1995 was the era when Graham’s Arsenal sacrificed flair almost completely, Rocastle moved on and we got far too many games out of workhorses like Hillier instead. Two seasons in a row the club reached European finals with squads waaaaaaay smaller than we see today, contributing to the nothing league campaigns in those years


We were shit back in the 80s.

We were essentially an Everton type team that would put in a good shift in the cups.


But at least we got Fever Pitch out of that.


True. Nick Hornby really opened my eyes to it all.


We will be conceding more goals this campaign than we did in the season we suffered 17 league defeats hahahah



Shows Graham wasn’t all that when he has the 2 worst league seasons for Arsenal since PL began


No. What it actually shows is that Graham, like most managers in the sports history, eventually decline.


I really don’t know what you have to gain by continually trying to convincing yourself this is true.


In the 1992/93 season, Graham won the FA Cup and League Cup double.
He had also won the League title twice in the previous four seasons, something that Wenger hasn’t done in around fourteen seasons.
At least look at the facts before you criticise Graham.

He also didn’t have the luxury of knowing he was unsackable, like Wenger does.


People really contradict themselves on Graham. His decline is almost the same as Wenger’s, winning cups but much worse league positions