Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


Be careful what you wish for :rofl:




:cry: embarrassing

Going backwards


It’s only getting be worse. 10th place here we come.


Not relegation? You are very optimistic these days :mustafi:


Few stats from the Wenger chapter of the very good book by Ducan Alexander called “Outside The Box”


There have been 27 goals scored in the last five Premier League meetings between these teams (10 for Arsenal, 17 for Liverpool) at an average of 5.4 per game.

Arsenal have conceded seven goals in two league games against Liverpool this season - in only one Premier League campaign have they conceded more against an opponent (10 against Man Utd in 2011/12).


Oliver Giroud and Mesut Özil scored the first and last goals at the Emirates in 2017


Wasn’t that Firmino? :yum:


Arsenal then ya cunt :wink:



Better late than never eh :joy:


FA cup final was away from Emirates.


It’s a neutral venue.


The tweet specifically says “away from The Emirates”. So Trion is 100% correct.


I personally believe the tweet is talking about in away fixtures. And I wouldn’t consider a cup final at a neutral venue an away game.

I understand the way the tweet reads means Trion is definitely correct. But I don’t interpret it that way.


Told you everything about us.


Fanatics try and minimise Wenger’s accomplishments at every turn, and that’s how I interpreted it. So they are 100% incorrect and that tweet should be redacted post haste.


Well anyway should have been phrased differently.


It isn’t minimising his accomplishments though. It’s highlighting our very dire record away from home this calendar year.