Arsenal Stats and Trivia Thread


I don’t think it’s about bragging but it does clear a few things up like I mentioned above. In any case our makeshift defense did well considering that we normally face more from lesser opposition


Yes it’s scientifically impossible to score 4 goals from 9 shots.


Btw @Craigie that was at half time


If that was your attempt at sarcasm try harder :man_facepalming:t5:


Here’s a very good stat for you!


That’s not a stat, it’s trivia. Interesting though.


I’d have got Seaman and Parlour easily, perhaps Pennant at a bit more of a push. No way I’m getting Luzhny though haha, especially as he moved abroad and would have faced in a different competition. From the question I would have assumed it meant in league matches


Not pretending I remembered this, Wiki says he went to Wolves. :slight_smile:

It is a tricky one though cos the match he would have played for us was in the season previous to the Invincibles.


Oh shit, you’re right! Yeah he’d have played for us in one of the last two games of the 02/03. As did Pennant when he scored a hat trick against Southampton. I was at that match, if memory serves me we won 6-1 and my best mate Bobby Pires also acored a hattrick. One of them was an outrageous lob which is one of my favourite goals of his :smiley:




So only 2 away wins this season. Shocking stat.


In this case it really doesn’t matter.



No problem for Wenger.


The fuck is Stefan Malz?!


4 against Burnley?





Thanks you Wenger!