Arsenal shirt numbers - who's worthy?

I’ve wanted to make this thread for a while to discuss which players have honored the famous Arsenal numbers we all love… and who flopped massively too.

So what do you think? Is still Viera our greatest #4? Is Theo giving the #14 the credit it deserves? Is Coquelin our greatest ever #34? (lol)

Here’s a usefull list:

It’s since 1993 and haven’t been updated yet to this season. Since there are no many Len’s or Bradymagic’s around here, just a couple of old schools here and there, how about making this since the Wenger era? Sure Charlie George is still one of the greatest ever but c’mon! not many of us had the chance to actually watch him play right? Besides, I have no idea which number he wore at Arsenal.

Special mention to Herbert Chapman:

Are we ok with our current #6? it looks like we have improved our #19 shirt situation. #27 has been an absolute disaster. How about our #9 curse? fun fact: our last two #9 share the same initials and name. From Xhamack to Chakrouan, I mean from Marouanit to Gramack? you get the point! and thank God Alexis took the #17 when he first joined and Nacho switched to #18 because that number has been absolutely not top top quality lately.

Some interesting numbers yet to be discussed.

Hope you like this threat, let’s do it!

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Great idea! One small detail though, it’s thread, not threat. It looks like you’re trying to put the fear into everyone when you say that :cristo:

thanks @Mysty, please feel free to correct me if my english is not right or if I threat anyone else :campbell:

How about the title? “worthy” or “worth it”?

Worthy is correct :slight_smile:

I really wish Cech took over the number 1 shirt by now instead of having bloody 33. It’s not like Woj is ever coming back.

Didn’t mind Gabriel as number 5 at first but he probably should be downgraded to a higher number really. I could see him trading with Mustafi if things keep going the way they should.

same here about Cech, not so sure about Szczesny not coming back. I saw a couple of saves he made a couple days ago (maybe weeks) and they were brilliant! he just needs to stay there a year or two and return with a more mature personality and attitude.

Cech wearing #33… still an upgrade on Bendtner haha.

Bould - Keown - Kolo - Vermaelen - “Gabriel”? I agree with you, the #5 should look better in Mustafi’s shirt for now. Poor Gabi, I still think he’ll come good… for a third choice CB.

If he did actually mean threat you’re definitely going to be the first to go.

I get a tiny bit OCD about things like this and it definitely dictates who should have what number more-so than who deserves it.

I won’t let you go into mid table obscurity dear thread, not yet!!


Make it happen.

When Jack leaves in the summer (sorry) there will be a big spotlight on who gets the number 10, but I don’t see why Ozil would be that fussed about going from 11 to 10.

Mertesacker’s contract expires I believe, so Shkodran can get the #4 without having to risk insult to Gabriel through demotion. I’d probably give the #10 to Granit Xhaka.

He’s #10 for Germany now. It’s been rumoured if and when he signs the new contract he has stated to the club that he wants the #10

Plus all the comparisons to DB… It makes so much sense it’s painful.

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I believe Mesut’s personal branding often uses M1Ö so he’d definitely want the number

Fair enough, if he’s all set on having a certain shirt number and it’s a big determining factor in keeping him at the club, then I guess see you around Jack :laughing:

Maybe if/when Jack comes back he could use the #19 again, that if we let go of Santi which I don’t want of course. Maybe in a couple of years?

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