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Really need to get this question answered. So I applied for the new Arsenal V12 finance and for some reason which I still don’t understand as my circumstances have not changed, I was declined. Now I am worried that this means Arsenal won’t let me have my season ticket. It Says at the bottom of the email ‘Your purchase may be cancelled if your application is unsuccessful’. Does that mean it will just go back in to my account to make another arrangement or they will offer my ticket to someone else? I have had this for ten years and never missed a payment and typical this happens on a Friday when there is no one to help me. Has this happened to anyone else?


Not sure how much practical help I can be as no ST experience…but were you on the finance website or the Arsenal one when you saw the message?

Edit: rather is the mail from Arsenal or the finance crowd.

The finance company emailed the decline notice but the Arsenal confirmation that I had applied for finance said ‘your purchase may be declined if finance is unsuccessful’. My dad is convinced they will allow me to make another payment and if I couldn’t pay then they would offer it to someone else. That the reason I probably cannot see any other option on the arsenal website basket now is because its the weekend and the finance company probably hasn’t let Arsenal know the finance wasn’t successful. Ill be gutted if something like this means I lose my ticket.

I can’t imagine they’ll offer your ticket to someone else in such a short timeframe. The renewal emails are only going out today and there is (I think) a 3 week deadline we have as existing ST holders to get onboard. Query it with them on Monday, unfortunately i have no experience with dealing with their finance company (the previous incarnation) as always paid upfront

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No one will want it right now anyway :joy:


Everyone wants it, Arsenal’s a drug and within weeks there will be vast numbers of new first time ST holders eager to get into the new season and forgetting the cup final loss altogether, that’s just how it is :see_no_evil:


yeah I wish I had done that now. With the old method which was Zebra you scored once and then it just rolled over so I never had to worry about it. This is rubbish lol! I am going to give them a call Monday and just pay upfront too. Thats the frustrating this, I can buy it, I just did the other method out of habit.

Thanks for replying everyone

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With mine at a lowly three figures again this season I just can’t wait to grab myself a bargain!!

No probs. Let us know how you get on. :+1:

Will do! If nothing else it might be able to help other people this may happen to :smile:

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Thank you! I hope to stay watching my team forever, as long as I sort this bloody finance out lol

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