Arsenal Safe Standing Petition!

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From the view of the fans who attend the games at the Emirates nearly every week, we all find one thing in common. The lack of atmosphere. I am bringing this petition to the heads of Arsenal Football Club to address them that Safe Standing is the way forward, for the safety and security of the fans, but also the atmosphere. Atmosphere plays a big role in pushing the players and acting as the 12th Man, so let’s make this a movement towards Safe Standing at the Emirates!

Good luck…it probably will never happen even if Arsenal look into it the fa will probably not allow this in any ground.

I believe there’s safe standing at Shrewsbury. And Celtic have recently developed a section as well. I think we may see some change on this slowly but surely. Maybe not in the Premier League in the next few years, but if other clubs follow suit lower down, it may happen eventually at some stage.

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Yeah I mean in the epl… Seems like the powers that be don’t like it, wonder if they are worried about another calamity happening they may feel there is no such thing as ‘safe standing’

I think things have moved on and improved an awful lot in 30 years since the Hillsborough disaster. When you think about what the fan experience looked like in the 80s, it’s definately a different world today. It’s not like it’s going to be the whole ground, and you have officials and proper protocols in place now to make sure there’s some order. At least you’d like to hope so anyways.

I wonder how many fans on here would like to see it. I’m quite nonplussed about it, but if it happens then I guess it’ll be good for fans to get an extra choice.

Tottenham have safe standing in their new ground!

Please sign this, there is always a chance

Yes Tottenham’s stadium has an area that can be converted into safe standing, but they can’t use it unless it’s legalised. It’s just future proofing on their part.

Was about to say this, yes they have a place for it doesnt mean they can use it for that.

I will sign it, but its the pricing of tickets which freezes out a section of people from creating atmosphere in grounds.

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Not really, pricing doesnt affect, the fans who don’t sing need encouragement!

A slab of concrete doesnt either. You need to look at who goes to games and who cant.

I agree with reintroducing standing but the idea that having an area of standing that would probably be no more than 6,000 people would automatically lead to a better atmosphere is pretty much a nonsense. We already have decent portions around section 5/6 who stand the whole game anyway and that makes little difference.

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isn’t the lack of atmosphere down to that we have like 45k/60k season tickets and they don’t really always show up or are the singing type. I have no clue but that was always my guess lol

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However, block 5 and 6 make up 2000 or so people, if we have the whole north bank trying to make noise plus the blocks 26-24, then the atmosphere will be class

I truly don’t mean to knock you but there’s no guarantee of that. Atmosphere is the wrong reason to do this anyway imo. Any effort to make the game more accessible I fully support. If that leads to better atmosphere then great.

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I know what the people at the Emirates who regularly attend are capable of, they need encouragement!

I was there for the 4-2 against spurs. I know it can be special. The atmosphere all came from what happened on the pitch that day though.

I’ll shut up now though, good luck! :slight_smile:

Brilliant idea, I for one pretty much always stand at Sporting events, really don’t like sitting and only do it if I have to.

I typically stand at NFL games because it’s too cold to sit. The only problem is I’m so short I can’t see over most people if they stand.